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On March 9th, 1955, MARKTEC’s predecessor, TOKUSHUTORYO Corporation was established in Omori, Ota-ku, Tokyo, amidst a collection of many small factories functioning as a hub of innovation and activity. During this period, TOKUSHUTORYO researched, manufactured and sold fluorescent pigments and paints.During this time in the aviation industry, non-destructive fluorescent chemical testing was being used in the manufacturing and repairing of airplanes. TOKUSHUTORYO saw a bright future this field beyond the aviation industry and soon after, began researching and manufacturing new non-destructive testing products. In 1964 in Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture, TOKUSHUTORYO’s Kurihama factory was completed and began manufacturing magnetic, fluorescent powder. That factory anchored TOKUSHUTORYO’s growth and was its base of technological growth and manufacturing for many years.
Message from MARKTEC’s President & CEO

Since its foundation in 1955 as a manufacturer of flaw detection agents, our group of companies has grown to manufacture a complete range of nondestructive inspection and marking equipment while continuing to offer state of the art solutions that accurately meet a wide range of customer needs. Our commercialization expertise has enabled us to develop and offer innovative products that utilize our mechanical, electrical and chemical technology skills. We possess a comprehensive range of solutions to meet a wide range of customer needs as a manufacturer of diverse surface flaw detection and marking equipment and related consumables. Because of our reliable after-sales service that eliminates customer concerns about integrating our products with their production lines, we have established a unique presence in the Japanese market while steadily growing in tandem with the manufacturing sector in Japan. None of these achievements would have been possible without the close support of our customers, shareholders and many other business partners, for which we are sincerely grateful. The market for nondestructive inspection equipment is expected to grow steadily, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region, buoyed in part by increasing global awareness of safety and reliability which will expand applications beyond the conventional customer base into new types of equipment and facilities. The market for marking equipment is also expected to stay robust as emerging markets need more diverse steel products with sophisticated specifications, and so these materials must be accurately marked in the manufacturing process. Our group has been building a foothold in the rapidly growing Chinese market, as well as Korea and Southeast Asian nations including Thailand and Indonesia, and other emerging markets. Going forward, we will continue to work hard to be one of the world’s leading groups specializing in nondestructive inspection and marking by swiftly establishing organizations for strategically expanding our presence overseas and carrying out our business properly using these channels. In March 2015, we reached the milestone of our 60th year since our foundation. The fundamental principle for our group will continue to be “providing security and safety to society through quality assurance.” We will strive to survive long-term in the manufacturing industry, seeking rewards in being appreciated by our customers. We are not afraid of change; rather, we thrive on change. We will keep increasing our ingenuity, remain committed to creating new technologies and products and, by offering top-quality, reliable products and services, we hope to contribute to our customers throughout the world. We would appreciate your continued support and business.

President & CEO Mr.Keigo NISHIMOTO

Company History
Mar. 1955 Founded Tokushu Toryo Co., Ltd. with a capital fund of ¥1 million. Started manufacturing and sales of fluorescent paint and metal testing materials.”
Dec. 1964 With increase of demand and production, built Kurihama Plant in Yokosuka, Kanagawa.
Oct. 1982 Established marking machine manufacturing and sales company as a subsidiary.
Oct. 1987 Merged said company and changed the company name from Tokushu Toryo to Marktec Corporation with capital of ¥140 million.
Apr. 1991 “Became a registered public company in Tokyo Stock Market. Increased capital to ¥1,503 million.”
Nov. 1995 Established a joint company “Suzhou Marktec Co., Ltd.” in Suzhou, China, for manufacturing and sale of NDT materials.
May. 1997 Established a joint company “Shin Seung Marktec Co., Ltd.” in Seoul, Korea, for manufacturing and sale of marking machine.
May. 1999 Closed Kurihama Plant, and built new Narita Plant in Katori-gun, Chiba. Integrated R&D, chemical and machinery production division to the new plant.
Oct. 2004 Consolidated four domestic sales offices into East Service Center in Tokyo and West Service Center in Osaka.
Oct. 2005 Established a joint company “Marktec Corporation (Thailand) Co., Ltd.” in Bangkok, Thailand, for sale of NDT systems/materials and marking systems/materials.
Nov. 2006 Established “Shanghai Marktec Chemical & Machinery Corporation” in Shanghai, China, for manufacturing and sale of NDT systems/materials and marking systems/materials, cosmetics.
Dec. 2009 “Terminated China’s joint venture “”Suzhou Marktec Co., Ltd.””. Manufacturing and sale of NDT systems / materials and marking systems / materials for Chinese market is followed by “”Shanghai Marktec Chemical & Machinery Corporation “”, the 100% Marktec-owned company.”
Jan. 2010 Established “Marktec China Corporation” in Shanghai, China, for manufacturing and sale of NDT systems/materials and marking systems/materials.
Aug. 2010 Delisted JASDAQ security exchange.
Sep. 2010 The absorption-type merger was executed with CCH5 Co.,Ltd. as the surviving company. CCH5 Co.,Ltd.changed the name of company to “Marktec Corporation” with capital of ¥2,078 million.
Jan. 2011 Established “Marktec Asia Co., Ltd.” in Bangkok, Thailand, for manufacturing and sale of NDT systems/materials and marking systems/materials.
Mar. 2012 A MARKTEC Asia plant was built in Gateway City Industrial Estate, Chachoengsao Province, Thailand, and production started.
Aug. 2012 A MARKTEC China plant was built in Fengxian District, Shanghai, China, and production started.

ISO 9001 Certification

Application standard ISO9001:2015 / JIS Q 9001:2015
Certificate Number JQA-QMA14938
Organization Marktec Corporation Narita plant, Sales Dept., Overseas Sales Dept.
Registration Date December 27, 2013
Last Renewal Date December 27, 2019
Last Revision Date December 26, 2022
Expiry Date December 26, 2019
Scope of Registration 1. Design / development and manufacture of our products; non destructive testing consumable and machine, paint printing machine, paint for marking, and other related accessory.
2. Performance of the installation and periodical check for customized products.
3. Repair, overhaul and calibration of standard items; black light, paint printing machine, marking machine and U.V. intensity meter.
Associated Organization [East Service Center (Sales Dept., Overseas Sales Dept.)]
17-35, Omori Nishi 4-chome, Ota-ku, Tokyo, Japan
(Sales of Above 1. 2. 3)

[West Service Center (Sales Dept.)]
Daido Seimei Esaka Bldg., 10F 23-101, Esakacho 1-chome, Suita-city, Osaka, Japan
(Sales of Above 1. 2. 3)
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ISO 14001 Certification

Application standard ISO14001:2015 / JIS Q 14001:2015
Certificate Number JQA-EM4154
Organization Marktec Corporation Narita plant
Registration Date July 30, 2004
Last Renewal Date July 30, 2019
Expiry Date September 14, 2022
Scope of Registration Designing / development, manufacturing and accompanying activities of non- destructive testing materials, test equipment, marking equipment and paint products.
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