Eco-Magna LY-Conc. Series

Eco-Magna LY-Conc. Series

General Information

MARKTEC’s concentrated, magnetic particle suspension product, ECO-Magna LY-Conc. Series, is now available. These eco-friendly and and easy-to-use magnetic particle suspension density levels are adjustable and dependable, thereby requiring less effort and handling time.


Description LY-10 Conc. LY-20 Conc. LY-30 Conc. LY-40 Conc.
Fluorescent color Greenish yellow Greenish yellow Greenish yellow Greenish yellow
Fluorescence *1 180 260 110 125
Particle size (um) *2 9 12 4 9
Appearance Deep green Deep green Brown Deep green
Specific gravity 1.14 1.14 1.12 1.15
Application Multi-purpose Automated Precision Multi-purpose
Usage (Mix with) Water Water Water Water

*1 Fluorescence is indicated as a relative value compared to standard benchmark product.
*2 Particle size (measured by laser scattering particle size distribution analyzer)