PJ-1B: Marking Unit

PJ-1B: Marking Unit

General Information

PJ-1B is an original automatic marking machine that creates vivid markings on iron & steel products. The PJ-1B is operated via computer or optional handy terminal.

The optimum character size is chosen from 3 types of marking heads.


Creates high visibility markings

  • High-speed marking (276 mpm max.)
  • Lightweight and small (2.6 kg, 20% less than former unit)

Prints two-dimensional codes

  • Available for printing on flat surfaces (boards) and curved surfaces (pipes)
  • Helps to better manage workflow and inventories and control traceability.

New Function  :  DataMatrix 2D Code Marking

2D code marking has been implemented as a standard function on PJ-1B.
It can be used for progress management and inventory management of the production process.
○Example of printing on pipe using PJ-1B

○Example of printing on pipe using PJ-1B